Building Lasting Communities

Utilizing our community building tools you can enrich the overall event experience for attendees and exhibitors. By significantly increasing the effective networking power of your marketers and generating a more exciting show environment you'll not only increase your attendance, you'll increase loyalty to your brand.

Photo Badge

A high quality color picture can be printed onsite, directly on the badge, in color. Many photos are received on-line in advance of the event. On-site registrants’ pictures are taken and transferred to the badge is less than 30 seconds. Once a photo database is built, the same electronic photos can be used for many years, not unlike a driver’s license, or the photo database can be voluntarily updated by the attendee/member online, always under your control.
Photo Leads
RCS provides leads for the exhibitors that have an image attached to the lead, an enhancement that prompts the sales staff to make a connection with the potential customer and motivates them to act and to feel good selling. The photo attached to a sales lead keeps the relationship established with a client alive and fosters future communication. Enhanced photo show registration makes the event more valuable for all participants.
Photo Directories

A photo directory helps personalize the event before, during and after the show. Putting faces with names can increase and make easier the networking and connection possibilities, and increase the value of the event for everyone. A photo directory that can be used all year is built for the show incorporating the photo’s collected for the event and/or those that are available from the events sponsor.

Much more than a face on a badge

Here are 4 great reasons a photo badge can take your show to a whole new level:
  1. Provide greater security
  2. Using photo badges for security reasons is an obvious choice because it is easy to match the badge-holder to the person wearing the badge with merely a glance. Trading badges or dual entrance would be impossible with the photo badge.

  3. Enhance lead follow-up
  4. Because generating qualifying leads is the number one reason for exhibiting at a trade show, it stands to reason that the best leads will be those you remember and can reference notes or ideas during follow-up. Psychological studies prove that photographs can trigger memories and associations with the face and help in recall of vital information. Studies also show that contacts made during the trade show are more numerous and intense because of the time constraints. Also, the sales generated from the contacts made at a trade show equals success.

  5. Create a sense of community
  6. Comprehensive reports before, during and after a show can help Exhibitors and Attendees feel more prepared. Knowing the activity of Attendees (everything from booths visited to seminars attended) helps Exhibitors plan contact strategies and qualify leads before, during and after the show. Knowing Attendees preferences and creating a visual database helps generate feelings of familiarity between Attendees and Exhibitors. This familiarity assists in building a sense of community.

  7. Can easily be integrated into an existing database
  8. Once the information has been gathered and organized it is simple to integrate into existing databases for Show Management and Exhibitors.