Event Services

Online Registration

RCS has been using cloud-based computing and digital storage for more than 20 years! From custom designed registration websites to real-time secure payment processing We Do It All.
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InfoGraphic Reporting

RCS can run reports on just about anything imaginable! Demographics, statistics, financial and promotional information can be streamlined into a cohesive personal report. We can set up an account so you can access your report with a simple click of a button. The reports are accessible in real time and flexibly created or altered during the event. For example, if you want to know how many people registered using a special promotional code you ran in a magazine, we can do it!

Onsite Registration

RCS has been the leader in quality onsite service because of our exceptional staff. We offer a wide variety of enhanced registration and event services.
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Post Event Services

Access Reports and Leads for Up to Three Years!
All registration, reports, and leads are backed up on our independent servers for up to three years (or longer if you need it) to ensure you never lose your data during that time.

CEU Processing, Refund Processing, & Final Reports
RCS is fully PCI Compliant, which means our payment processing is strictly managed and secure. After the show is over we handle all CEU and refund processing, plus your final reports are available within 48 hours.

Badges and Onsite Printing

There is no other service or badging system that is as eco-friendly and waste free as produced by the RCS printers and system. From secure barcodes to bio-friendly badge holders RCS can meet your badging needs!
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Session Attendance & CEU's

With our mobile ready survey system attendee’s simply scan a session QR Code with the MyExpoCart app to take a survey, vote, or rate each seminar/session. All survey data is available in real time on the RCS Information Management System for analysis and distribution.
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RCS InfoGraphic Reporting lets you see the information you want in real-time from your registration website.

RCS utilizes full-color printers that use eco-friendly solid-ink color cartridges. These super-fast, high quality network printers can also handle most badge sizes and stock.