RCS as an Event Partner

Who We Are

RCS has been in the business of providing electronic registration and information management services to the tradeshow industry since 1971

This makes us the most experienced registration contractor in the industry. We are the leader when it comes to introducing new technologies to our services. Over the years we were the first to utilize bar code and magnetic stripe technology on a badge. This made it easier and more effective for show managers and exhibitors to collect and disseminate information collected from show visitors.

We were also the first to develop a web registration process utilizing the amazing benefits and features of the Internet. We are committed to continually improving and upgrading our services in order to provide our clients with the latest and best technologies available. When you add this commitment along with our service capabilities, you have an unbeatable combination that is committed to your success.

The RCS Difference

A team you can count on and a service you can trust for flexibility and customization

Above all our goal is to make your show a success and to do our part to make registration a pleasant experience. Our people, our technology and our commitment to excellence can make this happen for you. RCS’s people take complex technology, make it user friendly, and provide the highest quality on-line and on-site registration service. With an average experience level of over 15 years RCS’s professionals have gained expertise in all phases of registration and information management. They have faced almost every imaginable challenge and devised successful solutions. They are happy, experienced, thoughtful, and professional. Each member of the RCS team is encouraged to meld innovation with integrity and personal service to make your “work life” easier and your “work time” more effective. You can count on the RCS team to work hard to gain your trust so that they can continue to be the leading innovative full service registration and lead retrieval company.

Our Mission

Quality, Integrity, Innovation and Service that values personal relationships

RCS is dedicated and committed to providing the most sophisticated and reliable electronic registration and information management services to Show Managers, Exhibitors and Attendees.

At RCS we foster close relationships rooted in trust and respect for our clients, their Exhibitors and members. Our commitment to the quality of our product and operation results makes us trade show registrations first and foremost quality brand. The creativity and energy of our people stimulate a culture of enthusiasm, excellence and innovation.

Company Profile

Registration Control Systems, Inc. (RCS) was created in 1971

With 40 years of industry-leading experience, Registration Control Systems ( RCS ) continues to be dedicated to providing state-of-the-art registration, lead retrieval, and data management services to associations, trade show managers and exhibitors worldwide. Headquartered in Ventura, California with offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Austin, Atlanta, Boston and Toronto, RCS is poised to provide benchmark services for of all your registration and lead retrieval needs.

At RCS, we cultivate collaborative relationships based on trust and respect for our clients, their members, and their exhibitors. The creative energy and dedication of our team members has inspired a culture of enthusiasm, excellence and innovation focused on making each of your events a success. We achieve this through our commitment to providing exceptional service utilizing advanced practical technology and flexible rapid responsiveness to client requirements. Our dedication to the quality of our service and to our customers’ operating results makes RCS the paramount brand in the exposition and trade show registration industry.

Innovative technology

A powerful registration system and a great service value at the forefront of technology

Since 1971, Registration Control Systems has been providing a technically innovative, highly reliable, and cost effective registration service. RCS is continuously improving its systems, methods, and processes to meet the needs of today and prepare for tomorrow’s requirements. Our newest technology concentrates on assistance in increasing show attendance, building Exhibitor and Attendee relationships, and will not “nickel and dime you to death!” It is high service value and constant striving for improvement that has allowed us to remain an industry leader for so long. We retain clients longer than any other registration company. Our business is repeat business.


RCS has been committed to helping the trade show industry become a more sustainable and eco-friendly place

Over the years RCS has been committed to helping the trade show industry become a more sustainable and eco-friendly place. In the early 1990's RCS introduced electronic registration and quickly followed with complete electronic tracking and reporting for clients that wished to use these advanced methods. Since then these methods have swept the industry and the corresponding reduction in paper and related energy use has had a significant impact in reducing waste and making trade shows more environmentally friendly. Now in the 21st century RCS has continued to expand its use of electronics, its utilization of recycled products, its reduction in use of plastic products, and its reduction in freight through use of local equipment and products for our registration services and has introduced new advanced electronic methods of lead collection and reporting.

With RCS's introduction of paperless lead processing systems, the RCS ExpoSmart & RCS ExpoAccess , a complete digital lead processing system, a new level of efficiency and waste reduction is in place for the next phase of greening in the registration and lead retrieval sector of the exposition industry. RCS believes it is important for the industry to be environmentally friendly and encourages everyone to donate and properly dispose of waste products and old equipment. We refill and reuse what we can so our footprint on the world will be gentler and less toxic.

RCS is teaming up with our clients to help make a positive impact on the trade show industry.