Lead Retrieval Equipment

The RCS ExpoSmart allows the Exhibitor to use their personal iPhone or Android Smartphone for lead management. The Exhibitor downloads the RCS ExpoSmart application to their smart phone prior to the event HERE, which eliminates the need to pick up or return equipment once they arrive on-site. With the RCS ExpoSmart, the Exhibitor simply scans the QR Code on the badge. RCS ExpoSmart offers all of the same real-time web page lead management and custom qualification features as the RCS ExpoAccess.

The RCS ExpoAccess is a Web enabled wireless mobile lead collection device and real-time web page lead management system. This technology concept uses the java enabled platform to transfer data from an Attendee's badge to an Exhibitor's personal event web site. All leads can be custom qualified via the web site. Using this RCS system, Exhibitors do not need to carry away a CD, memory stick or wait in line to download or “retrieve” data at the end of the event.

The RCS ExpoAccess delivers all the sales lead data in real-time to a secure Exhibitor web site with online password protected access by the exhibiting company’s personnel. Data can be accessible at the web site for up to 90 days after the event. The Qualify Option allows easy selection of qualifying criteria for each lead.
The RCS ExpoScan is an Android device with the RCS ExpoSmart app installed. This advanced unit has all the functionality and benefits of the RCS ExpoSmart app and is perfect for those that don’t want to use their own phone. By scanning the QR code on the attendee badge with the phone's camera you can quickly capture leads.

With the RCS ExpoScan basic qualifiers are included and you can add notes to each lead. Leads are uploaded to the cloud at the end of the event once the unit is returned, meaning you won't need to walk away with printouts of the leads you've collected.
The RCS ExpoPrint is a compact, mobile integrated badge reader with internal memory that does not require an electrical hookup. It has the option of an external Bluetooth printer. The RCS ExpoPrint stores each lead in its memory and these leads are then made available on a secure password protected web site. At the end of the show the exhibitor just drops off the RCS ExpoPrint unit and the data will be immediately downloaded to their secure web site for continual use for up to a year after the show. No waiting to download data on-site or having the possibility of leads getting lost.

The RCS ExpoPrint Upgrade option provides a thermal printer that does not require an electrical hookup and automatically produces a complete lead form which includes the ID#, name, title, company name, address, phone, fax, email, demographic codes, and the time and date visited, as well as ample room to write notes. The 58mm thermal printer can print 1000+ leads on a single charge.